Asoni H-264 ONVIF Compliant IP Cameras and 4 Channels NVR at Cost Effective Price

Dear professionals of network video surveillance,

Asoni Communications your network surveillance solutions provider has developed a series of network cameras delivering good quality performance yet providing highly cost effective surveillance solutions as well as an economical 4 channels NVR for budget video surveillance projects.

CAM642M CAM641 CAM640 CAM635 CAM643
SD card

The economical IP cameras series includes among other CAM635, CAM640, CAM641, CAM642, and CAM643. The triple video compression & video streaming (H-264/MPEG4/MJPEG) significantly reduce the bandwidth and data storage requirements while enabling a better quality images. The 4 CH NVR (NVR504B) supports a triple codec as well, embeds a free CMS and supplies powerful analysis features such as: Intelligent motion detection, E-map & Google map monitoring, smart event preview video, object tracking, trip-wires, and tamper detection.

Furthermore, the above economical network cameras feature either a 2 Megapixel resolution (CAM642), 1.3 Megapixel resolution (CAM641) or a VGA resolution (CAM635, CAM640, CAM643) which are well suitable for a remote monitoring of supermarkets, chain stores, groceries, warehouses, offices, hospitals or just to improve households security

CAM635, CAM640, CAM641 CAM642 & CAM643 are equipped with motion detection ability, which allows the user to be informed in real time via email or video file (FTP) when a particular event is detected. Likewise all Asoni network cameras, they are easy to install, support 3GPP for monitoring through smartphone and marketed with Asoni user friendly / free 36 CH recording software. To minimize the user ownership cost, the cameras can be offered along with the 4 CH NVR as a package.

CAM635, CAM640, CAM641, CAM642M, CAM643 and the Asoni 4CH NVR provide without any doubt the basic features and complete functions that a professional user and end users will look for when it comes to enhancing a particular area video surveillance at cost effective price. A complete SDK (Software Development Kit) is provided for software integration upon request

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H.264 2Mega-pixel
IP66, Outdoor IP camera


360/180/90 degree viewing
On-screen PTZ
Various options of split windows

2Mega-pixel, CMOS
IR-20M, IP66 Outdoor

2Mega-pixel, CMOS
dome IP camera
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